In Jacksonville, Florida, Ronnie VanZant asked Bob Burns, a friend with a drum kit, who suggested Gary Rossington a school buddy with a guitar and Larry Junstrom, who played bass guitar to start a rock and roll band. Along came Allen Collins and they became known as the Noble Five.

The Noble Five practiced every moment they had, even skipping school, and a hard intense rock-filled sound began to emerge. They were creating their own rock n' roll sound but were hassled by their gym teacher, Leonard Skinner, didn't approve of it.

After a while, being suspended by their coach for having long hair, they dropped out of high school. As a joke, or a way to get in a free shot at their former teacher they introduced themselves as Leonard Skinner, totally mocking their gym teacher's name. The audience's knew of this teacher and gave the group their approval. A new and final name, Lynyrd Skynyrd, was created.

They were out of money, but refused to take on full-time jobs so they coulds practice. After too many complaints of the loud music from the neighbors, they found an isolated farmhouse just outside of Jacksonville, which eventually became known as 'Hell House' and is where Lynyrd Skynyrd's music was born.

Jacksonville was 'the place' for the emerging Southern rock sound so in 1967, Lynyrd Skynyrd entered a battle of the bands and landed their first tour, opening for a band called "Strawberry Alarm Clock". In October 1970, they aquired a manager, Alan Walden. Alan arranged for the band to record demos which included 'Freebird'. Allen Collins wrote the music to 'Freebird' and Ronnie wrote the lyrics.

After a few changes in the choreography, a rock anthem was born. The first time they performed 'Freebird' the audience went wild.

Jimmy Johnson, a producer at Muscle Shoals Sound Studios was so impressed he offered his experience. In 1971 they borrowed the money and went to their first recording session. Walden passed the demo tapes around but didn't find any takers. Frustrated, they went to Atlanta to try a different venue for their music.